October 20, 2023

Tips to Prepare for a San Antonio Family Photoshoot


Planning a family photoshoot can feel as intense as wrangling a group of kittens, but not to worry! Whether you’re envisioning the historic River Walk, the breathtaking Japanese Tea Gardens, or the rustic charm of a Texas Hill Country backdrop, we’ve got you covered.

1. Location, Location, Location!

San Antonio is a treasure trove of picturesque spots. Before you even consider outfits or props, think about what represents your family best. Maybe it's the urban vibe of the Pearl District, the serene landscapes of Brackenridge Park, or the murals in the West Side. Whichever you choose, Mayfield’s Photography is familiar with all the nooks and crannies of San Antonio. We'll find the perfect slice of the city (or countryside) for your family.

2. Coordinate Outfits, Not Uniforms

Remember those ‘90s family photos where everyone wore denim on denim? Cute then, but let's keep it in the past. Instead of matching outfits, aim for coordinating colors and patterns. Earthy tones, pastels, or even vibrant complementary colors – whatever suits your family’s vibe. Just avoid super flashy logos; they can be distracting.

3. Props Aren’t Just for Magicians

Props can add a fun and personalized touch to your photos. Maybe it’s a family heirloom, a quilt grandma made, or your child’s favorite stuffed animal. Props can tell a story about your family and make your photos uniquely yours.

4. Well-fed and Rested = Happy Family

Plan your photoshoot around nap times if you have little ones. A rested family is a photogenic family. And let's face it, we're all a bit more chipper after a good snack. Maybe grab a bite from one of San Antonio’s amazing Tex-Mex joints beforehand. Just watch the salsa – stains, am I right?

5. Be Yourself and Have Fun!

Your family photoshoot is all about capturing your family's essence. So, laugh at dad’s jokes, let the kids play, and maybe even toss in a silly face or two. It’s these candid moments that often make the best memories.

6. Trust Your Photographer

Last but not least, let the professionals at Mayfield’s Photography guide you. We’ve been capturing families in San Antonio for years and know just how to make your photoshoot a memorable experience. Our goal? To ensure your family’s personality shines through in every snap.

So there you have it, San Antonio! As you get ready for your close-up, remember: photos are memories frozen in time. And with a dash of preparation and a sprinkle of fun, your family photoshoot will be one for the books.

Ready to make memories? Give Mayfield’s Photography a shout. Let’s create some magic together in this beautiful city we call home.

FAQ for Preparing for a San Antonio Family Photoshoot with Mayfield’s Photography

1. What locations in San Antonio do you recommend for a family photoshoot?

Answer: We recommend various spots such as the historic River Walk, the Japanese Tea Gardens, the Pearl District, Brackenridge Park, and the murals in the West Side. We're familiar with the best places in the city and can suggest a location that perfectly captures your family's vibe.

2. What should we wear for the photoshoot?

Answer: Instead of matching outfits, aim for coordinating colors and patterns. Think earthy tones, pastels, or even vibrant complementary colors. Avoid flashy logos as they can be distracting.

3. Can we bring props for the photoshoot?

Answer: Absolutely! Props like family heirlooms, quilts, or even your child’s favorite stuffed animal can add a personal touch to your photos and tell a unique story about your family.

4. What's the best time for a photoshoot if we have young kids?

Answer: We recommend planning around your little ones' nap times. A rested family is more photogenic, and the shoot will proceed more smoothly.

5. Are there any food or drink recommendations before the shoot?

Answer: While it's important to be well-fed for a cheerful mood, be cautious of messy foods. For instance, San Antonio’s Tex-Mex dishes are great, but watch out for salsa to avoid stains!

6. How does Mayfield’s Photography ensure a successful family photoshoot?

Answer: Our experienced photographers guide you throughout the process, ensuring that your family's unique personality shines in every snap. We focus on capturing candid moments and creating a relaxed environment for the best memories.

7. How can we book a photoshoot with Mayfield’s Photography?

Answer: Simply give us a shout! You can contact us through our website or call us directly. We’re eager to create magic with you in San Antonio.

8. What if we're camera-shy or haven't done a photoshoot before?

Answer: No worries! Our goal is to make the experience fun and relaxed. It's all about capturing genuine moments, so just be yourselves and enjoy the process.

9. How long does a typical family photoshoot last?

Answer: The duration can vary based on your package and requirements, but generally, family photoshoots last about 1 hour.

10. Can we get a mix of candid and posed shots?

Answer: Absolutely. We strive to capture a blend of candid moments and beautiful posed shots to give you a diverse photo collection.

If you have any more questions or are ready to book, don't hesitate to reach out to Mayfield’s Photography. We're here to help you create lasting memories