Partners in Love & Life

What began years ago as an interest in photographing exotic cars for one and a fascination with capturing nature's beauty in another, two different people met and separate interests slowly evolved into a shared passion: People. As our love story blossomed, we found a mutual interest in photography and decided to use our talents to serve in our local church. Throughout our time serving together, we've discovered a shared passion for love, happiness, and capturing emotion in photos for others to see and keep as a memory. We are inspired by the life events of our community and witnessing the love that humans have for one other. We have a heart for serving other and am very active in our church. We spend our free time together traveling to anywhere with a beautiful view that we can, eating awesome food and trying coffee everywhere we go, and being best friends every day. We have one daughter that we are absolutely in love and obsessed with and plan to grow our family more and more. Our goal as San Antonio photographers is to capture wonderful moments for you to remember and share with friends and family, and to keep throughout time for yourself as well. We look forward to capturing your love, happiness and milestones throughout life to help you visually tell your story.

Big Sur Photographer